LG Launch Event

Few days ago, I got invited by Mikemmery to attend the LG new models launching event at Rennaisance Hotel organised by his company.

I went there with Jen and KeeLuen and we were very hungry… then we realised we were provided with an 8-course meal.. wah happy gila

Everyone gets an LG KG500 that night upon entering the hall… woot! ahaha (dummy set)

Waiting for food to be served. hehe

After eating, I went over to one of the promoters to have a look at the newly launched KU970…aka LG Shine.. with 3.5G

and also took the opportunity to take foto with one of the angels.. 😛

The host for the night was Ngan Mei Yan of MyFM. She goes around talking to people and asking questions about the new LG phones.

before leaving, I went over to talk with Mike a while and take a photo before saying ‘so long farewell..’

and lastly, a group photo before we part.

we met Ryan there too! ahah


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