Life of boatmen

After breakfast at McD, we joined the half day tour around the island and one of the destinations was to visit JUMBO Restaurant… the famous restaurant on water.

and so… the story of the boatmen begins.

at first we thought we were here to have a look at the boats…. but we got offered to get on one and tour the whole area to further venture into the lifes of the people there.

Aparrently, this woman here is in charge and she is also the storyteller for this boat tour.

as we got nearer to the boats, we could see the people there cooking, washing clothes, sleeping and basically… just living their lives there….

and it made me realise how lucky I am to be born in the city with all the technologies and entertainment and everything else that I need.

hi mum…! 😀

let me bring you to a tour around the area. Watch the video.

after a while, we reached JUMBO. stopped there for a while for some photo taking and off we went…. back to the jetty.

it was a very good experience as I have never thought that I would come so near to these boatmen before.

I shall end my boat trip with the smashpOp Jump. lol

NEXT!!! We went up and up! Can you guess where we went?

(hows the video? still loading?)

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