Lights ON! @ Energizer Night Race 2010

Back in March I joined the Energizer Night Race at Putrajaya and ran 21km… FREAKING 21KM! So proud of myself for completing the race.

The run was quite unique as we all were given head lamps and everyone wore them on the forehead creating a scene very nice to be captured on photographs… but too bad since I was running, I only had my Nokia X6 with me.

So photos and video below were all taken using the X6.

(William, Me, Maverick) Went there with Maverick and his friend. Then met William before the run.

As we were getting ready at the starting line, we wore our head lamps! Damn cool.

Look at everyone with their lights on! ahahaahha

Last shot before running. My Lunarglide looked good at night. 😛

The ran took nearly 3hrs(not bad for my first 21KM run) and I collected my medal after that.

When I was collecting the goodie bags and fruits, I bumped into Edmond.

Actually I bumped into many people lah… lol.. Nicholas was there too


Did you see the lights in the video?


BTW for those of you who wants to run, Nike has this KL V SG Nike City 10k run coming up on 10.10.10. Sign Up NOW and run for Kuala Lumpur!



  1. yinxie

    woah!! 21 km wor.. so 10km is sap sap water to you lor! hha! go win something back! LOL

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahhhaa no la long time no run leh 😛

  2. simonso

    run la run all lah!

    smashpOp Replies:

    bday all lah!

  3. alvink

    wah. baru march! 😛 cristanging this weekend. woots! 😛

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahhaha good luck

    alvink Replies:

    why good luck? doesnt sound very ngam! hahaaa

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