Little Penang Cafe

Went to have lunch at Little Penang Cafe in Midvalley last friday with Cherrie, Kim and Rames.

It was my second time there.. and I recommended them the curry mee cos its damn damn good.. both times i went, i finished the whole bowl of curry.. yikes.. maybe they added a lot of MSG but lets just hope they didnt.. ><

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We were lucky cos the moment we arrived, someone just finished eating.. so we got a table for ourselves. 😛

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The curry mee rox… ahhhhhhhhhh everyone should go n try..

BUT DON EVER TRY THE NASI LEMAK PENANG!! ITS DAMN STUPID! YOU WILL REGRET ORDERING IT. I wont tell u why .. lol if u wanna know.. just go n order one for urself.. hauhauhauha

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Cendol.. malaysian desert.


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