Living In Sharp Life. It’s Gonna Be Amazing!

As you all know, I’m a gadget fan and loves technology. Have you ever wondered how these techy stuff revolves around my life?
Well, if you are interested to know, do check out this current campaign (which has just started) by SHARP.

It’s called Living In Sharp Life.

Bringing a more delightful and comfortable life to more people in the world. With the Living in Sharp Life campaign, Sharp Ambassadors will convey the beauty of Sharp products to people around the world. When Sharp makes products, we aim for ease of use, and create unique products. Improving your lifestyle and life. Bringing Sharp products into the lives of people throughout the world. Sharp – bringing better lives to people.

So yea, in case you didnt read the above, here’s a summary. It’s a campaign featuring people around the world, getting them to share how these techy products help in improving their lifestyle and life.

… aaaaannnd I’m one of them! Basically I am the digital personality representing Malaysia. How cool is that?!!!ONEoneone

Before I continue, do check out this teaser of what’s gonna come in the coming months! (Remember to watch in HD)

So as depicted in the video, all of us from various countries will be featuring our lives and the technologies around us. Below are the people that you can check out and follow from this campaign:

Do follow the posts, updates and news on the website and tweet me @smashpop if you wanna know more about the SHARP products that I will be spending my day to day with. Here’s a preview of what’s coming from my side.


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