Living In SHARP Life With Aquos & Plasmacluster

I’m sure by now you have probably read a lot about my life with my SHARP gadgets, the Aquos and the Ion Plasmacluster. For the whole 6 months that I got them, my life has been great, whether at home or on the go. One gives a better ambience to the living room and one keeps me fresh and healthy in the car.

This is my SHARP Aquos 3D TV. As mentioned before, there are a few things about this gadget that impressed me, my family and also friends. One of them is definitely the outlook. With thin bezels and edge corners along with the glowing light in the middle, it gives us a very ‘Star Trek’-ish feeling which is good.

The image quoality is superb. This is noticed when Im watching HD tv shows, be it 720p or 1080p. Of course, images are GODLIKE when they are in the full HD resolution. Colours are vibrant and natural, lines are sharp and brightness is just right as it auto adjusts to the lighting condition in the living room.

The Aquos has been my companion in watching Internet TV. Plugged into my Apple TV box, I am always watching Youtube, Vimeo and podcasts on the big 55″ screen. Defeats all the other screens in my house.

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Now let’s move on to my little gadget in the car, the SHARP Ion Plasmacluster.

I have never realised the importance of this device until recently when the haze attacked Malaysia. With all the dirty air around us, it is always refreshing to be able to enter my car and enjoy the clean air without dust and odors.

The mode selection is quite handy. When I sense that bad air or smell enters the car, I wuickly switch it to Turbo so I could eliminate them as soon as I can. Oh below is a video how I quickly run into my car and switched it to TURBO.

Embedly Powered

So yea, it’s handy, plugs into the power socket in the car and all I need to do is tap on a button and clean air comes out. Simple!

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Check out this video that shows how I live with my Aquos and Ion Plasmacluster

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