Lobster Dinner. Goodbye Barcelona!

Pt. 1: The Journey From Kuala Lumpur To Istanbul
Pt. 2: Arriving at La Mola Hotel, Barcelona
Pt. 3: A look around La Mola, Mushroom & Squid
Pt. 4: Collecting Our MWC Tag At Fira Barcelona!
Pt. 5: TapaTapa Tech Bloggers Lunch!
Pt. 6: Walking Down Passieg de Gracia
Pt. 7: Sagrada Familia JUMP!
Pt. 8: The End Of Day 2 In Barcelona
Pt. 9: Barcelona Day 3: Hello Mobile World Congress!
Pt. 10: Touching Gadgets & Meeting Blogger Friends At MWC
Pt. 11: Lunch, Sony & Samsung @ Mobile World Congress
Pt. 12: Windows Phone Party At El Molino, Barcelona
Pt. 13: Barcelona Day 4: Breakfast & Park Guell
Pt. 14: I Met The Mosaic Dragon!
Pt. 15: Barcelona Plank!
Pt. 16: Barcelona Day 4: Dinner & Moonlight Networking!
Pt. 17: Eating Ice Cream Sandwich In AndroidLand!
Pt. 18: Motorola, Firefox, Buddies & Winning Gadgets

After leaving Mobile world Congress, we went for dinner at an awesome restaurant.

I actually forgot the name of this place. HAhaah

Iz us! Trent, Lester, Ali, Elina & me.

We ordered this! Lobster Paelle.

Sam, Tom, me and Cindy if I remember correctly LOL

I ordered this for myself 😀

Pip, James, Jed, Me & Elina.

Katie and Meg.

So this is it! The very last post from Barcelona. It was a fun 5 days trip and I’d like to specially thank Nokia for the one in a lifetime trip to Barcelona. 😀


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