Royal Albert Hall, Double Decker Buses & 1st Hard Rock Cafe In The World

Part 1: The Flight To London
Part 2: Wow, Hello London! Nice to meet you.

So we were still on the bus to the hotel and I snapped more photos of the things I saw outside.

The famous Royal Albert Hall! It is one of the UK’s most treasured and distinctive buildings opened by Queen Victoria long long time ago.

Then the bus drove us past the very first Hard Rock Cafe in the world. It first opened its doors to the public on June 14, 1971.

Double decker buses yo! Hello!

We finally arrived. It was the Washington Mayfair hotel. It was already 10PM and the sky was till bright! WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF MIND BLOWING.

At the lobby we were all given a Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone for us to use throughout the whole trip.

My room yo!

A look at the bathroom. Heh…



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