Love Gadgets & Geeky Toys? Check Geekzen Out!

Hey you! Yes you! Lol are you a geek like me? You know whenever I find out cool gadgets or tech toys I get so excited I wanna own them straight away? I recently had that same excitement when I found a site that sells ALL the tech and cute gadgets I fancy. I’m serious!

Check this out. It’s called GeekZen. Lol whoever combined those 2 words together must be a genius.

So basically GeekZen is a recently launched e-Commerce portal. Apart form all the cool toys, they also focus on customer happiness – 30-day return policy, warranties, high-quality products, and niche geeky items.

Did you know that they some of the items on GeekZen are only available for South East Asia region? That’s exclusive yo!

Check out some cool stuff they have WHICH I LOVEEEEEEEEEE:

Native Union Play
Designed by Fabien Nauroy, “Play” is the ultimate video-memo. Show emotion, go green.

Get 10% discount on your purchase by using this code: SPHELLOWORLD

GelaSkins HardCase for iPhone

Remember you can get 10% discount on your purchase by using this code: SPHELLOWORLD

John’s Phone Snow
The world’s simplest mobile phone.

All these and more are waiting for you to purchase at GeekZen.
Remember to use this code “SPHELLOWORLD” to get 10% discount!

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