Lucky Restaurant

So after visiting Eagle Square… we went for dinner at this Lucky Restaurant located few lots away from Underwater World.

Most of the shops along the road from my hotel to the other end of the island look like this.

ok let’s see what we ordered

This one tasted like an ordinary dish. Nothing special.

The supervisor recommended claypot tofu… but when it was served… we felt weird.. cos they didnt use claypot.

their signature dish. The prawns had this lime sour taste and also quite spicy.. a bit like thai style

wah this one looked normal.. but i tell u.. damn nice can! ahahha we finished this one in like 5 minutes

we ordered this cos we havent tried sour plum chicken before… but turned out… like lemon chicken lor.. ahaha

we paid RM78 for all these. Worth? No worth?

I recommend this place if you happen to be in Langkawi cos its cheap and the food were good.


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