Lui Yan Kai

ok back to HongKong posts.

After wax museum and dinner and all…

we went to the young entrepreneur fair nearby our hotel and he was the host for one of the shows there

anyone who can tell me his name, I will give u a prize. erm… ok i take that back. lol

from there, we went to Sai Yong Choi Kai

the place was at Yau Ma Tei area and we took the train there.

the street was a bit the boring.. so we asked a passerby how to go to Women Street. Apparently… it was nearby and that we can reach there by just walking down Nathan road.

and so we started walking and i took out my N95 to take some night shots… not bad kan the quality?

i snapped this too! BABI LA!

We finally reached the beginning of Women street…

only this part looked good.

and after shopping there for about 2 hours…. we came out from the end of Lui Yan Kai

and this was how it looked like. The real thing.

then it was aout 11+ and people started to leave… so we left also … took the MTR.

Lemme take you to a ride in HongKong MTR.

Watch it!!!!!!!!!! haha

and so… Hongkong day 2 ended. 😀


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