Lunch at Dakken

after breakfast… we were brought to Jalan Riau.

According to them, there are a lot of factory outlet stores that sell cheap branded stuff there.

So we walked for about 2 hours.. then we got hungry cos it was about 1pm already.

We searched everywhere for food.. and found this Dakken Restaurant.

They serve fusion food. Not bad. The place gave me this ‘expensive’ feel..

waiting for our food to come.. 😀

then they finally came…

this was mine. The cheese and the white creamy gravy mixed together with diced chicken… covering the rice. Very nice.

Rames’s fried rice. According to him, the portion is not enough for him lol

Ck and Cherrie’s pasta. They both agreed that it was tasteless.

Calven kept complaining “har? this is fish n chips? where’s the fish?!”

after eating… we went out to Riau Street again to shop… 😀


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