Lunch at dLish

Remember my post about Tech Ed briefing and WCG?

Well, after leaving WCG hall, I went for lunch with Steph, Alvin and Andrea at d’lish.

the only way to fit many many things inside a photo… is to use a wide lens…. and im lovin it. ahaha

waiting for food to be served…

one thing i dont like about d’lish is that the food are all ready made and kept in plastic boxes…. maciam supermarket lidat.

but then it looked good again after they transfered it onto plates. this nasi lemak is about RM 14 if im not mistaken.

both Andrea and Steph ordered this

after eating.. we talked n talked … n talked…. til we got a bit hungry again…

so we bought cupcakes each.

Im showing this chocolate marshmellow cupcake cos it was the best!!!!!!!! among all 4 that we bought.



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