Lunch at Sushi Zanmai

One fine day in October, we went for lunch at Sushi Zanmai, Pyramid.

Here are some camho + food photos… taken using my phone.

We ordered all sorts of sushi… they all tasted damn nice lor.. price? forgot.

Some of us ordered this… according to them… NOT NICE.

This one tasted like the one from Ichiban Boshi.. both also good… eh wait.. not Ichiban boshi… its.. Pasta Zanmai… -_-”

After lunch we went to buy ice cream at baskin robins and then went back to work.

Finish story kthxbai.



  1. [email protected]!ra~

    U all ordered the cucuk udang rice also ah??
    hehe~ jason… the jap curry not nice la.. Malaysia curry still the best la.. Nasi kandar better than them..

  2. maRCus

    oo…sedapp nampak! XD

  3. Oldcolleague

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