Lunch at the I

Last week I went for lunch with 2 frens I knew many many years ago.. lol

We went makan at Dragon I midvalley.. and I erm… didnt bring my SLR.(that explains the banner at the beginning of this post under the title)

iris… met her only a few times few years ago… but we talked like close friends the moment we met. ahah(kan iris? kan?)

this guy… msn a lot but i think the lasttime i met him was at the Happy Feet screening… November last year

my ‘la mian’

we shared 8 pieces of siu loong bao.

after eating we walked a bit in Midvalley and Iris was so fascinated by this floating dinosaur… haha she wanted to bring it home but this thing is too pricey la!.. abour rm60. -_-”

ok then i brought them back to Astro since they havent been there for many many years d.

ok c u tomoro bye


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