Lunch! China La Mien in Korea

After visiting Incheon Memorial Hall, we took the bus to Chinatown!

We were there to meet Mr. Amirul, the Malaysian representative now working in Korea.

Very chinese kan?

Somehow all Chinatowns anywhere in the world are really like China.. with all these authentic designs and food… but Malaysian Chinatown is filled with hawkers and foreigners selling fake watches. hmm

The interview took place right after we have settled in the room.

Food! Super hungry that time since we have been jumping non stop at the Memorial Park. lol

The famous dish there was this La mien… which was soaked in black sauce.


After lunch, we took a short walk around Chinatown and I bought these candy from the stall!

Check out the how these candies were made!

Next up: SEOUL !!!!!!!!!!!!


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