Lunch! La Mien & Pau At Paradise Dynasty, Paradigm Mall

Some time back, mamapOp and I went for lunch at this place called Paradise Dynasty, a chinese restaurant in Paradigm Mall.

Their signature dish is the siu loong bao, but we didn’t order that.

The interior looks quite posh, though it does not give us the ‘expensive’ feeling. The big Buddha statue in the middle of the restaurant gives it an authentic look.

Waiting for my food. Was hungry!

I ordered this as I wanted to have some soupy food. Lol. La mien with preserved vege and shicken shreds. Not bad if you are the kind that likes soupy food. About RM12 for this.

MamapOp drank tea and had sun fried buns only.

Close up of the buns. The filling of the bun is minced pork, some vege and soup gravy. About RM6 if not mistaken.

The kitchen quite modern looking. Ok that was our quick lunch session at Paradise Dynasty. Heh.

Paradise Dynasty,
Level One, Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya.
Tel: 03-7887-5022



  1. Ian

    Cool place.. Wah.. MamapOp wearing Nike t shirt and help smash pop to take photos.. Jeng!

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