Makan-Makan At Swensens. Pfft.

Few months back, I went for dinner at Swensens, Solaris with some colleagues and friends.

One question we asked ourselves.. ‘do people go for dinner at Swensens? Isn’t it an ice cream place?’ but turned out people do go there to makan and they do have a slew of choices in their menu.

But then let me tell you why you shouldn’t go. Cos the service is bad. When you ask for things, they never come.

This was my chicken breast something. Despite thefact that we ordered before we came to the restaurant, the food came like an hour after we arrived. Pfft. This chicken breast was hard like a shoe.

Their other food were kinda not up to expectations too, according to my friends.

This burger was still fine.. but you can get better burgers elsewhere.

So yea.. the ambience wasnt very appealing too.

This land chop thingymajig was probably the only dish that received ‘ok’ comments that night.

So there you go.. our dinner experience in Swensens.



  1. yatt

    where this swensens? Maybe i try to avoid to go there.
    Anyway, I always go to to search for food. Maybe you should try it before go out eat. It’s just a suggestion. but no-harm to surf the page 🙂

    smashpOp Replies:

    hey its at Solaris. Stated on the first line.

  2. George Lim

    Now you know why many people prefer not to have dinner there. Hahaha…

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