Makan makan in Ipoh

Ipoh mali… Ipoh Ipoh mali…

so here we are.. our last destination.. Ipoh old town.

Called up Jen and asked her where to find good food and she directed me to the old town. A bit hard to find.. but eventually we will be able to see osme kopitiam around..

Saw many people entering this kopitiam so we thought this could just be one of the famous ones around.

The place was filled with people in just a few minutes.

Seems like this old man quite happening.. cos he appeared in some newspapers before..

we waited for our orders(3 bowls of chicken horfun) for about an hour.

after 30 minutes.. dad couldnt stand the hunger and ordered this beef noodle. Tasted normal. I think Petaling Street wan better

This came with the horfun. Damn nice. I super love beansprouts.

Yummymummy chicken hor fun is here! 😀

after eating.. I took a few shots of the streets and we went back to our car and headed straight back to KL 😀

Penang-Ipoh Fairytale ends here.


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