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A new year… means 52 more upcoming POPCRAPs!


Hi all, how was you new years even countdown + celebration?

We had saio potluck party at Jacklyn’s house.. ahhaa

A group shot we took when everyone arrived. MORE DETAILED POST COMING SOON!


I recently bought myself a new gadget.

It’s the BH-503, Nokia bluetooth stereo headset.

It also works well with receiving calls too. Superb sound and bass… voice calls clarity is mind blowing.. really worth owning one.

That’s me posing with the headset and.. ehem… the 5800 in my office.


Just now we had a very fun makan makan party at Cheras… thanks to CindyC for inviting.

Made 2 new friends too! Justin and LeRoy 😀



  1. ahmike

    Fulawei. Nice headset man. Can borrow?

    smashpOp Replies:

    can.. not lol

  2. Tian Chad

    Bluetooth Headset. Cool!
    But last time I heard my dad said after he used SAMSUNG bluetooth earphone on the right ear, for about 3 months.
    He can’t hear clearly about what people said even the volume is maximized!!

    Hope NOKIA’s would be safer ;p
    Just my advice, never wear too long the headset ar!

    smashpOp Replies:

    thanks for ur advice bro. but i hope this one is diff from those normal call receiver blutooth headsets lo 😛

  3. Raymond

    wah, awesome.. how much u buy, where u buy, i wan to buy

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