Malaysians can now watch movies ‘like a boss’ with new INDULGE halls

Girlfriend/boyfriend’s birthday coming up but don’t know what to buy for them?
Treat them to a movie experience like never before!

TGV Cinemas recently launched INDULGE hall at their Sunway Velocity outlet and it’s the second one in KL (first one is in 1 Utama).

According to TGV, “INDULGE – a name that truly befits the essence of a luxurious life with its promise of creating and delivering unrivalled cinematic dining experiences”.

Simply put, you can now eat and enjoy great movies on a comfy sofa with people serving you things.

This is the entrance of the INDULGE hall. You cannot miss it. The sign is gigantic. See the door on the right? That’s the passage that will bring you to a whole different experience of movie watching. Read on.

Fully utilising my wide lens here. Check out the new INDULGE hall! There are only 32 seat to ensure that there are space in between chairs. Oh did I mention that they are reclining seats?
Every seat comes with a very comfortable ‘comforter’ as well. (They smell really good by the way)

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Want some snacks while you watch your favourite movie? Just tap tap here tap tap there on the little tablet device and you will be served in just a few minutes!

This is how you will look like when you are served. Like a boss hor?

Before the movie, you can chill at the lounge. They play some really nice music there. Their new Asian Fusion menu is also quite exciting. I got to try them during my visit and their Tom Yam pasta is what you should try if you are into fusion food.
But my ultimate recommendation goes to their peanut butter ‘tiramisu-looking thing’ in a cup. THE BEST!!!!

Anyway, the star of the night went to Mushroom Tempura and Baby Pop. It’s so yummy! I took few rounds of these fried stuff and I’m craving for it while I type this lol.

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For Instagrammers, you can also get to take some nice shots in the INDULGE hall as well. Just saying 😀

TGV Cinemas


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