Maroon 5 Tickets Up For Grabs. Get Yours Here! Powered by YES

YES! the one word that makes everything possible. This time around, the same word will make it possible for you to go to Maroon 5 concert in Malaysia for free.

If you are not sure what YES is, read this.

They are the fastest 4G mobile Internet with voice in Malaysia and is the ultimate provider in Mobile Internet in Malaysia with 4G speeds up to 20mbps and 10 times faster than 3G.
YES has the first fully converted 4G network with a suite of 4G devices. Huddle, Huddle XS, Eclipse, Zoom, Buzz to suit specific lifestyle and usage needs
When you register with YES, you get a Yes number and Yes ID. It gives you the ability to make calls and SMS at only 9sens/min/SMS!

Yes ID, a unique ID to access our suite of converged services. It is an ID you use to access our network and it comes with a 018 number that you can use for call and SMS – both local and international.
On top of that, the innovative Yes ID allows you to use one Yes ID to connect to multiple Yes devices and machines simultaneously!

Plans available:
Prepaid (Pay per use Yes plan or with greater savings with Valuepack 68 and 150) and
Postpaid plans (Super Postpaid 48, 69, 98, 168)

Now how do you get Maroon 5 tickets?
1. Just Like YES4G’s Facebook page and stay tuned from 1-15 Sept at 11am for daily tickets give way.

Are you an existing YES4G customer?
For new subscriber, just sign up for any Zoom, Huddle or Huddle XS Super168 Postpaid plan for 24 months to be eligible for 1 free M5 ticket
For existing Prepaid Yes subscriber, reload RM300 to be eligible for 1 free M5 ticket
For existing Postpaid Yes subscriber, to pre-pay RM300 to postpaid account to be eligible for 1 free M5 ticket.

Dont forget to fill up the redemption form here >>>

I’ve got my tickets to see Maroon 5. Woohoo! If you want to be just like me, don’t forget to do the online redemption before 2 September!


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