Marvel Heroes & Disney Friends Are In Malaysia!

Yup, you heard that right. (Seriously when I found out about this I was shocked too).

Tesco Malaysia has brought in a line of premium collectibles inspired by Marvel’s super heroes and Disney Pixar’s friends to Malaysia. I’m actually a big fan of Woody from Toy Story and when I saw the toy I was like WHAAATTTTTT I MUST GET IT!

Tesco ‘Heroes & Friends’ include Spiderman, The Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Sulley and Mike.

Saw or not… so cute omg! So the other day, I went to Tesco to find out how can I get hold of these collectibles and it’s actually not very difficult. lol

The visual above may be complicated for some, so just follow my step-by-step below:

1. Grab a ‘Heroes & Friends’ card from the cashier.
2. Buy groceries like usual.
3. Every RM50 spent will get you 1 sticker.
4. Once you have collected 10 stickers, you get to redeem 1 collectible.


Psst! Here’s a shortcut. If you don’t wanna spend time collecting all 10 stickers, just follow these steps below:

1. Collect 5 stickers.
2. Along with the 5 stickers, add on RM4.90.

That’s the shortcut if you wanna redeem for a collectible.

PSST! Another shortcut! On top of your RM50 spent, if your purchase includes any of the brands below, you instantly get an extra sticker! Look out for the shelf wobblers in Tesco that indicate this “special”!
– Dutch Lady, Unicharm, P&G, Permanis, Lam Soon, Mondelez, Mattel, 3M, Osram, Pensonic, Philips, Energizer, Sony, Toshiba, Faber and Colgate. Customers

So what you waiting for? Go collect them now! I also rushing to Tesco already. Kiasu ma.. must go earlier. HAHAHAHAAH

Oh btw, just so you know, when you redeem, you will not know which character you will get so you might end up with one that you already owned. So the good guys at TESCO knows this, so they have planned a series of gatherings for you to meet other owners to swap with one another.

Once you get the full set, you can do videos like this one below. 🙂


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