Massage, Sauna & Miu Kai Plank

Part 1: The Day I Travelled To Hong Kong Alone
Part 2: GongCha & Chicken Rice in Hong Kong
Part 3: Dead Fish & Hong Kong Market
Part 4: Dinner At The Peak of Hong Kong!
Part 5: Breathtaking Hong Kong Night Scene + Breakfast
Part 6: HongKong SOHO Plank
Part 7: We Got Personal With Nokia In HongKong
Part 8: The Trio: Nokia 600, 700 & 701
Part 9: Try Something New With Nokia At Ngong Ping Cable Car. I Planked!
Part 10: Shaolin Bloggers & The Wishing Tree
Part 11: BIG Buddha Plank! BIG Buddha Jump!
Part 12: We Went On The ‘Duk Ling’ Junk In Hong Kong!
Part 13: A Day At Avenue Of Stars + DuckLing Posers
Part 14: We Learned Tai Chi In HongKong
Part 15: We Flew Around Hong Kong In A Helicopter!
Part 16: Dim Sum In Pigeon Cages!

In the evening, we embarked on our journey to our next mysterious destination.

We took the train to the city and went into a super grand 5 star hotel…

We thought to ourselves “what.. another hotel? what now?”

We were shocked when they told us “THE NEXT TASK… IS TO ENJOY YOURSELVES, LET’S GO FOR A MASSAGE”

We stopped taking photos here.. at the locker room.. cos anything after that would just be obscene lol

So we spent a few hours doing all these

After that, we went to Miu Kai for our next task!

The moment I arrived I wanted to plank. Sara joined me. HAHAHHA

Robin and Jade trying out the street food

A candid shot before we left for something awesome that night.



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