Massive 8.9 earthquake in Aceh. Tremors felt in Malaysia & Singapore on 11 April 2012

So all of a sudden everyone on my Twitter timeline was talking about tremors and earthquakes in Malaysia and Singapore.

I didn’t feel anything while I was here at Bukit Jalil… but let’s just hope nothing worse comes out of this.

So apparently the earthquake originated from Aceh, Indonesia with the scale of 8.9 magnitude. That’s some serious bon bon shaking from Ricky Martin.

Anyways, hope everyone is safe and don’t worry.. and #PRAYFOREVERYONE

..even Charlie Sheen experienced it. Watch.



  1. Ivan Tan

    My friends in Penang felt it strongly but in Ipoh, we felt the minor tremor of the earthquake~

  2. TZ

    i didn’t feel anything… maybe i was driving on the highway.

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