Maxis iPhone 5 Launch in Malaysia At CapSquare KL [video]

Just few hours ago I was at the most awesome event of the month, the launch of iPhone 5 in Malaysia! The new iPhone has finally arrived in Malaysia and as expected, the launch by Maxis was MASSIVE.
It took place at CapSquare Pikom ICT Mall and the event started at about 7pm at night.

This was where all the action happened last night.

We went to 2nd floor of CapSquare to register ourselves at the media registration booth. They used the iPad mini to do the whole registration process. Awesome.

The press conference took place at 8.45pm and here are the key personnels in Maxis launching the iPhone 5. Mr. Kugan announced at the press conference that Maxis has released a new Cloud based storage system for the iPhone 5 called Loker and it has 10GB free space for all Maxis users who signs for the phone. They also introduced a super affordable plan, the iValue 50. This plan basically allows everyone to own and iPhone 5 as the plan only costs RM50 a month.

After the presscon, we went back to the event ground. Check out the gigantic clock on the big screen, counting down to midnight when users can finally get their hands on the iPhone 5.

Bumped into my ex-colleague there. Sup Jason! (Yes he is Jason too)

The queue was so long it had no end. Seriously.. not sure how these people can queue for so long hahahha Oh, look at these bunch of people in the queue with their Apple devices.

Everyone in the queue was entertained by the funny antics, dance and jokes by this bunch of raddio announcers from MyFM, Hitz and Era.

While waiting for 12midnight to arrive, I hung out with Prem, Joyce and Xiang.

Check out this pair of husband and wife. They were the first 2 in the line! Started queueing since 10am in the morning. Amazing.

Finally, after midnight, everyone got their new and awesome 4″ toy, the iPhone 5 from Maxis.

Check out this AWESOME video that covers EVERYTHING from the event in 5 mins!

More tech coverage about the iPhone 5 launch on


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