MBS Jump + Singapore Chicken Rice

Part 1: My Journey to Nokia Connection In Singapore
Part 2: First Meal At Marina Bay Sands + Generous Nokia
Part 3: My Room At Marina Bay Sands

Once I was done with the tour video of my room, settled luggage and stuff, I went down for a walk around the hotel as we had the whole first day free.

So here I am again in the lobby… the glass walls and roof look really amazing.

… and I walked across the road to the mall…

The same mall we had our first meal… it was seriously gigantic!

The other side of the mall… this Lotus building is actually a museum if not mistaken.

Finally did the smashpOp Jump yo!

So the whole day was just walking around taking photos and at night we were supposed to have a dinner together with the rest of the media and Nokia PR.. but I skipped it to meet my friend instead.

We went to an old coffee shop that sells very famous chicken rice.

… and then desserts!

The day did not end just like this… there was more to it… check back tomorrow yo!



  1. copper2sulphate


    I joined Jalan Sultan photowalk few weeks ago. When I searched the Internet about it, I stumbled upon this post which is exactly the same as yours.


    I don’t know if you have given permission to the admin to post it, or you want to just ignore it, but I will just inform you, just in case.

    smashpOp Replies:

    thanks for this. will take a look at it. cheers

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