Me in Heroes


Remember I told you I was in Heroes Season 3 Ep.00?

Some of you asked when did I appear cos they couldnt find me in the video… ahhaha

Here’s a shot of me in it.

The exact time when I appeared was 3min 20sec. Go check it out… ahha it was shot during the Heroes World Tour in Singapore…

Remember my post about my trip to meet Heroes cast?


I mentioned that I got a new toy yesterday and somehow.. some friends were too lazy to check out SymbianpOp to find out what it was… so yea…

I got the new N96, courtesy of Nokia…

I’ll be posting photos of it soon.. but for now, view the unboxing video first ok.


Just to inform you guys… about this…

Set your clocks… set your calendar…. make sure to check out SymbianpOp on 0310081201.



  1. Maverick

    frou frou eh? Nice present, you bastard…

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahaha thanks… any iphone for me?

  2. rinnah

    Nice new toy! Can you tell me what is that song playing in the background of your Unboxing video? Thanks!

    smashpOp Replies:

    “maddening shroud” by frou frou

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