Me on paper!

Last night I reached home damn late!!! which was wayyyyyyyyy past my “update blog time”…

so ive decided to continue my Sydney photos tonight.

for now… just random post la ok… oh wait… must put this banner first.

ok remember this?

An article about me on R.age newspaper. Click to view bigger version.

and… remember this?

A blog review with me on top!.. on MYC magazine.

… and now got one more! lol

Sengfoo smsed me last night n told me I am on Taylor’s newspaper. lol

hehe… proud can?



  1. smashin' pOpstar

    […] posted newspaper shots with my face on them. […]

  2. maRCus

    OMG… NOW i remember.. no wonder you looked familiar!!! I have this paper cutting!!!

    ive been awe-ing about you since i read this article.. im positive, i have it somewhere at home.. OMG OMG OMG!!!

    you were the reason i got active in blogging again.. (and kenny sia too) lol.. but what the heck…

    woohoo… can? XD

  3. hitomi

    CHUn!! haha…who is the girl blogger??

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