Meeting Chef Mickey At Midnight!

Part 1: To Hongkong I Go!
Part 2: Awesome Lunch at Disneyland Hotel
Part 3: Faces Of Disneyland
Part 4: Slinky Ride & Golden Mickey!
Part 5: Beauty & The Beast In A Small Small World

Ahhhhh.. after all the CNY posts.. we are back to our regular programming.. Hongkong Disneyland! lol

After leaving Disneyland at night, we went back to our hotel and had dinner at Chef Mickey restaurant

Why eat there? Cos can camwhore with Mickey! lol

It was a buffet dinner btw. Thanks Disneyland for buying!

Can you believe that after a whole day we’ve never stepped into our rooms yet? This was the first time after we landed in HK. lol

Since we didnt wanna sleep early, mum and I went down for a stroll

We then joined our friends from Indonesia for a drink at the lounge

My mojito


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