Meeting Harry Potter Casts On The Red Carpet At The World Premiere in London

This post is focused on the Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows World Premiere 2011 experience in London I attended few days ago.

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OK so thanks to Windows Live for sending me to the event. Here are the photos yo!

Trafalgar Square was filled with fans who were camping here for 5 days just to have a look at the stars on the red carped. We saw this the night before the premiere when we were walking around London town.

On the day of the premiere, we were all given our passes and tags which allows us to be right beside the red carpet where the casts come out from their respective cars.

So here I am, with the red carpet in front of me and the crowd all behind me lololol

The red carpet leads to the stage and all the way to the theatre.

Here comes the casts!

James Phelps and Oliver Phelps aka ‘The Weasley Twins’

Bonnie Wright aka ‘Ginny Weasley’

Rupert Grint aka ‘Ron Weasley’ on stage.

Robbie Coltrane aka ‘Rubeus Hagrid’

Ralph Fiennes aka ‘Lord Voldemort’

The author of the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling

MORE PHOTOS TOMORROW! Daniel Radcliffe! Emma Watson! etc etc. Check my next post ok?

For now, watch this video of my Harry Potter red carpet experience in London!

Check my next post for WORLD PREMIERE PHOTOS!



  1. Anon

    James Phelps and OLIVER PHELPS. Fred Weasley is the character name.

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    oh yes. haha was typing this in a rush 😛 fixed.

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    Brit chicks look hawt 😀

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    oh yeah… LOL

  4. zstan

    wah that bonnie look so…old? o.o

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    IKNOWRIGHT! in the movie she looks young

  5. Ridhuan Sidek

    jason the pics loooks awesome lah! ;D …. very Hollywood …hehe

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    ahahah thanks mate! 😀

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    Wow! That was so cool!

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    indeed 😀

  7. J.Y 元

    Best post of 2011 🙂

    Bet you had a great time.

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    wow have u been like reading my blog all these while? 😀

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