Meeting Jon n Boon

First of all, I would like to thank Dakota for writing such a fastastic review on my blog… (yes i will consider your suggestion, buddy).
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Few days before Christmas I met up with 2 friends of mine, Boon and Jon at Mid Valley.

Boon is going to Australia to further his studies(should’ve arrived by now) and Jon just came back from Australia for holidays.

We had lunch at Delifrance(not a place that i would go to for lunch… but then Jon suggested it… so yea) and we talked n talked n .. u should know what happened next. (snap snap)

After lunch we sent Jon off. Boon and I walked around the mall for a while n took some photos.

A candid shot Boon took of me.

A not candid shot i took of Boon.

This is the last Christmas related post from 2006.

New years eve photos soon. 🙂


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