Meeting Kristine n Jen

Super nice Sunday!!!

Spent whole day today at Timessquare and a lil bit of Pavilion with Hungwei and his sis, Eugene and Enghoe.

The launch of Sony Album T was fantastic. Too bad didnt get to buy the camera for RM11.11… (photos from today will be up very soon)

Looking back at a week ago, I met up with Kristine and HsuJen at Pavilion and.. erm.. u know lah… what we did…. everyone go Pavilion for 1 thing only.

Yes. JCO. Kristine and Hsujen had finally broke their JCO virginity.

omg! JCO again! yes… no choice…. too nice edi. lol

Finally met Kristine… ahhaha Jen posing with her glazzy

HsuJen bought a Spongebob colouring book kinda thing before meeting us at JCO… wtf!! colouring book!?!?
Rames posing with his iced chocolate.

Ah! My donuts and I. lol

Have YOU tried JCO yet?


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