Meeting ppl @ Twestival

Some might call it ‘meeting people’… some say ‘mingle’…. but in bloggers term, it’s CAMHO CAMHO AND MORE CAMHO!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: If u r allergic to camho-ring.. pls just read the text. LOL

While Niki and Will were busy hosting the event, doing lucky draws… talking about Twestival…. most of us were actually snapping photos non stop. ejekkeek

Here goes.

Meeting the legendary Minishorts and old friend Avril.

The usual faces…. with additional 2 new ones… Greg and Chingy.. ehhe both bloggers but seldom get to meet.

Chingy tumpang this shot of me and Davidlian.. friend from Text100 and KuanMay… my junior in high school.

Ashleigh was there too… my N97 buddy. ekek

A shot of all of us with the famous NikiCheong.

My cousin Mike came with his friends Louis, Ngyeweng and Sandoi.

MORE PHOTOS TOMORROW!!! (Hope its not camho shots again.. lol)

A very big thank you to for featuring my blog in Malaysia’s Blog Showcase.

To whoever the owner of is, I’ll buy you KFC if we do meet one day. lol



  1. cHrIstInA_YY

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    Woah, your new header super nice eh!!!

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    thanks christinaaaaaaaaaAAA!

  2. Niki Cheong

    Wah, I quite skill. Can be on stage AND camwhore down there at the same time. :oP

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  3. kornykornelius

    W3 tarak update ur latest template… aiks…

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    ahahahha nvm as long as ada 😀

  4. Wing Loon

    …and domain is expired too 🙁

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