Meeting Stephen Elop, Nokia pOplank & The N9

Part 1: My Journey to Nokia Connection In Singapore
Part 2: First Meal At Marina Bay Sands + Generous Nokia
Part 3: My Room At Marina Bay Sands
Part 4: MBS Jump + Singapore Chicken Rice
Part 5: Hello Merlion, Ocean, Marcus!
Part 6: Breakfast & The Start Of Nokia Connection

So it has begun… Nokia Connection whereby they announce new devices and this time around.. they were about to show us something new and different.. it was of course the Nokia N9 which is available now.

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia presenting his stuff telling us about their strategies, plans and new devices.

Most important part of the keynote, the announcement of the Meego powered device, Nokia N9.

At the end of it, I manage to catch up with Stephen Elop and took a photo with him. Lucky yo!

Then I went back to the stage and did the #pOplank 😀

Attendees were then ushered to the experience hall to try out the N9.

It was so amazing to be able to touch the N9 and be one of the firsts in the world to feel and touch it.

I managed to talk to one of the product managers and got him to demo the device to me. Check out the video below.



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