Melaka Cendol

OK after running here there in the rain, we decided to go for desert at this very famous dessert place that everyone goes to.

They are famous for its cendol.. so I ordered that lor

Tasted normal oni… nothing special ahhahaha

I give it 1 thumbs up la ok… usually i give 5.

We then continued taking photos while making our way back to stadhuys / red house.


Super high tech multimedia corridor internet cafe with wifi?



  1. day-dreamer

    Wah so “in” de internet cafe? Haha…

    I like cendol! 😀

  2. Alice Teh

    You have 5 thumbs, smashpOp? (!!) Wow… 😛

    I like the peti surat photo. And also the one you frame your kawan one.

  3. Furkids in Hong Kong

    As I said, I love that kind of architecture! Almost none left here in HK. 🙁

    21st century tech in a 100 year old building. Sweet.

  4. maike

    my dear,
    Taiping got better taste cendol
    next time visit Taiping to find out lar
    better than penang’s

  5. ahxiong

    hahaha i had durian chendol and baba laksa at the dessert place.. 🙂 SO GOOD..

  6. ahlost

    I like the Peti Surat Pic 🙂

  7. Stanleyliew

    Cendol is like one of awesome-est thing Malaysia have came up with!

  8. ~T@!ra~

    next time u go.. try the shop next to it. I think the next door have better cendol.

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