MensHealth Night Run

On the 25th July, MensHealth organised an 11.5km night run at Putrajaya and we did not miss the chance to run!

The thing was supposed to start at 7pm and we arrived quite early… about 530pm…

That’s me waiting for time to past. ahah

Met my runner buddy Maverick and Chris there along with Kirsten.

Gary came to say hi as he was running that night too.

About 30minutes before the 7pm, we were all asked to gather at the starting line.

At 645pm everyone was ready to run….

So were we!!! Spot Jed and Jen in the pic.

Right before 7pm Nicholas and his gang came right beside me and I didnt event realise until they said hi. ahha we then took some photos.

We took about 1 hour + to finish the 11.5km run around Putrajaya.

Got my certificate after the run… 1901 Hotdogs, 7Up Revive and many other booths were there to give out their products and food for free. BEST.

Thats it! Finish story.

Now if you feel like be part of a run, come join the Nike+ Ambassador Challenge! Join Nikicheong, Rudy (, AmandaChoe, Zherpeen(8TV), Zaquan, Nana(Era FM) and ME in clocking the most miles to win bragging rights and LOADS of Nike merchandises!

Just get urself a Nike+ sensor and record ur runs and then upload them to the Nike website. It’s that easy!
Come come join my team ROJAK RUNNERS!



  1. kinz

    You slowing down or what? Gotto keep on running.. You are lagging behind on the challenge.. Must at lest be the first among the ambassadors! Hahaha..

  2. kenwooi

    must be a fun run! =D

  3. ahlost

    11.5km O_o !!

  4. Ah Hong

    Wow…LunarGlide is just rocket science. Where am I in the crowd??? I was walking that 5km that night man :p

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