Merdeka pt.1


i had super fun last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omfg i cant express how much fun i had.. but ill reveal them slowly lah ok.. merdeka part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.. etc etc.. ahhaa

let’s start off with this photo of the fireworks at KLCC last night that i took from Darby Park Level 37.

click on the photo to view a super large fantasticocacola version of it!!! click! .. click it!!

click on the photo…

click on the photo to view the super large fireworks pic…


ok so we(Jen, Food lover, Pinkfrog, Onion and me) met at KLCC at 7pm… and then wanted to go dinner.

after 10 years of thinking and suggesting, we finally decided to go makan at Nippon Tei.

At the entrance of the restaurant, we had a dilemma whether we should spend so much for a bowl of japanese rice, or use pinkfrog’s 20% voucher for KimGary…. but food lover was so exited when she heard the ‘K’ word.. omg..

“yay! yay! kimgary… kim gary… kimmm gaaaryyyyy…. ”

we were stunned cos the quiet gal sudenly got all hyped out and waving her hands in the air like nobody’s business..

so we went to Kimgary.

After we ordered our food, we talked n talked… like normal people… but the moment food lover took out her camera…… bling! bling! bling! everyone took out theirs too… aahhaha everyone was just waiting for that one person to start taking photos.. lol.. bloggers.

Food lover: pop wat u wan? i help u order
Me: i want the combi rice.. the 12.90 one..
Food lover: why follow me? i want that also! ok nvm. u want rice, chips or spaghetti?
Me: rice
Food lover: -_-” same. What sauce?
Me: got what sauce?
Food lover: Garlic, tomato, black pepper
Me: garlic.
Food lover: NO!! cannot!! i want garlic also!!! u must order some other sauce! grrr..
Me: wtf?!?!?! why cannot? u nvr tell me u want garlic sauce also! ok nvm.. tomato then
Food Lover: he he good. ^^

Pinkfrog: omg.. i just had a late lunch at 4pm … young tau fu…. ate about 20-30 bux of yong tau fu.. so fulll til now…
Onion: so ur not eating?
Pinkfrog: ahah i feel like eating 😛 *orders twin sauce rice*


Merdeka Part 2 coming up very very soon.

I have updated my gallery.

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