Merlion Jump got voted as “TOP BLOG” on The NEW Community

weeeeeeeeeeeeee … thanks everyone for voting for me. Appreciate it a lot.


A siao video of us at Raffles Place.

so everyone guessed currectly! We went to the big durian place and also visited the Merlion!

for whose who kept complaining that I nvr jump anymore…. here’s the 3rd jump in a row.

we did all sorts of silly things…. but i got no time and space to post those photos.(maybe will put up next time)

so here’s a group shot

didnt expect photo taken by an old aunty will turn out as good as this. lol.

we spent like 1 hour plus there… and finally we decided to leave that place…

grabbed this shot before we moved on to the MRT station.

We then took the train to Harbourfront cos we had to go to VivoCity for lunch and then see HEROES.

we had lunch at Carl’s Jr. hehe… a lot cheaper in SG.

we were all so tired and hungry cos been walking and jumping and running n walking and snapping under the hot sun for about 5 hours already… not counting the sleepless night in the KTM train.

after eating… we walked around the mall…

and then it was time…. for…. the BIG event…. the purpose of our existence in Singapore on that day….

come back tomorrow. For up close n personal photos….

and most important… videos. 😀


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