MHbuddy – Book, Check-In & Share with your friends on Facebook!

What if you can book air tickets, check in and sit close to your Facebook buddies and share them with your friends when you go travel?

It’s not a ‘what if’ anymore cos it’s here and its now!

Travelling with friends gets easier on Malaysia Airlines with MHbuddy – Book, Check-In & Share with your friends without leaving your Facebook.

Malaysia Airlines has launched MHbuddy, a service which allows any of the more than 500 million people who use Facebook to not only book a flight with the airline, but to also integrate trip details into their social graph, identifying friends who might be sharing flights, or who will be at their destination. So cool right? Seriously which flight service does this? Merging their services with social media. MAS of course.

“Our passengers are spending more and more time using social networks and Malaysia Airlines is one of the most active airlines on social media including Facebook and Twitter. With MHbuddy we are pleased to provide our fans on social media an easy way to book a ticket without having to leave Facebook. In doing so, we have also opened another distribution channel for ticket sales,” said Dr. Amin Khan, Executive Vice President, Commercial Strategy, Malaysia Airlines.

The MHBuddy app and also MAStraveller blogging contest was launch at the recent MASTraveller party at Tamarind NEO.

MAS really knows how to get friends closer with all these parties and Facebook integration with their systems. Thumbs up!

See how happy everyone was ahahahha cos we got our own caricatures for free! Thanks to MAS.

Anyways, make sure you allow the MHBuddy to access your Facebook as it needs information from your profile and friend list. Don’t worry. All is good.

As you book a flight on MHbuddy, you will be reminded which of your friends live at the destination and also any that are planning to visit at the same time. You can also share your itinerary with friends and suggest the same itinerary to them.

Check out MHBuddy now! Visit their Facebook page for more details yo!



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