Midnight Walk in London [video]

Part 1: The Flight To London
Part 2: Wow, Hello London! Nice to meet you.
Part 3: Royal Albert Hall, Double Decker Buses & 1st Hard Rock Cafe In The World
Part 4: My 130 Bucks Pasta in London

So we started walking around town at midnight after our super late dinner.

Our objective was to look for Picadilly Square and Trafalgar Square but since none of us know the way, we had to rely on maps. 😛

While Keith and Brian were figuring out the route, I camho a bit. lol

Some stuff we saw while walking.

Double decker.. zooming… geddit? lol

Crossing the road.

We stumbled upon Carnaby Street which looked interesting so we went in to check out the area

One of the buildings there which I find interesting.

MORE TO COME! For now, check out this video of us crossing the road lol


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