Midnight Water Search + Watching Kpop in Korea

After settling down, it was already 1am.. I didnt wanna sleep (who would waste time on sleeping when you are travelling anyways) so I asked Tan and Yas to join me on a journey to hunt for mineral water.. lol

We went out of the hotel and OMG it was freakin cold!!! Cold strong wind slamming onto our faces non stop. I think it was around -3 Celsius that night.. maybe.

As we walked down the street, we kinda felt like we were in Resident Evil town as everything was closed and no one was on the streets at all!!!!

Check out this video to find out.

After the short walk in the middle of the night with freezing cold freeze, we quickly ran back to the hotel cos our nose and ears were already swollen.

On my bed in the room at 2am.. I was watching Pops In Seoul .. in Korea! lol it’s like watching Hollywood movie in Hollywood itself. 😀

Then I fell asleep.

The next morning we woke up early to have breakfast in the coffee house. The guy on the left of this photo was playing with this Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Morning faces lol

These 2 were roommates lol

Stuff we had that morning.

After breakfast, we all gathered and went on the bus. Our official tour started. With a tour guide explaining to us everything about Korea and soon we arrived at our first destination.

WHERE DID WE GO? Check back tomorrow



  1. angelle

    wow a very yummy foods..i feel so hungry now…hi smash pop….

  2. honvee

    Hotel never provide free water service ka?

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