MIFC 2008

OK seems like a lot of you decided for me to blog about Macau.. ahhaha but let’s just clear this one first.

MIFC 2008 Fireworks Competitoon at Putrajaya last month….

OK let the fireworks begin!

Eh how come got black tiang there ??? ahahahhahahahahahaha now only i noticed

Ahhhh now this is cleared…..

Let’s pack our bags and passports!

We’re going to Macau tomorrow! Dont be late ya! Later plane fly away d… hahaah



  1. Wing Loon

    Great fireworks photos…where u shot it from?

  2. MeRV

    Same like me, not yet posted Macau/HK but posted later one… hehe

  3. [email protected]!ra~

    wow!! postcard-like photos u have there!! U r really good at taking photos huh?

  4. QuaChee

    its nice to see putrajaya as the backdrop for the shots 🙂

  5. Nicholas Leong

    Nice fireworks shots though I prefer if the bridge tiang didn’t touch the fireworks 😛

    And yerrr..cheat wan, ask ppl vote then you post other stuff first HAHAHA

  6. day-dreamer

    Wheeee! The least vote gets it… haha!

    Nice photos. And I see smoke too! Means not my skill got problem. Hehe.

  7. EVo

    Yo jason!

    Care to share the settings u used for the fireworks shots? i’d really wanna replicate them myself.

    Anyways i’m back from India man. finally can bloghop!

    Btw is it too late to submit jump pics ah?

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