MIFC Fireworks Finale

Most of you guys suggested that I post about fireworks at MIFC tonight….

so here you go… some pics taken on the last day of the competition, at Putrajaya.

The city… brightly lit… to welcome people from all over the world to witness the annual competition. Photo edited to simulate softener effect.

Here are some fireworks shots. Enjoy

ahhhhh.. so satisfied. hehe…

the event ended after 30 minutes. Everyone started to leave the place… but we thought of taking a group photo with the magnificently lit up city as our background.

Edited to have the high contrast with a lil bit of HDR element in it.

Wah… very seldom I edit fotos kaw kaw like dis. haha but just the first and last fotos. The fireworks fotos are unedited.

Which fireworks photo do you like most?



  1. -rubin-

    walao.. beautiful.. btw, did u bring ur tripod during ur shoot? did u using BULB mode to shoot it?

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