Missing That Latte Place

Many many months back, I found out about a cafe in Ampang called ‘That Latte Place’ and I decided to go try the coffee and breakfast there.

These were photos taken during my first visit and to be honest, it was one of the best cafe/breakfast place I’ve been to so far.

It was actually a small hut churning out great coffee and food like eggs benedict and pancakes for customers who come and sits at the few tables they placed under the rambutan tree.

See! Rambutans!

The flat white here tasted smooth, not super milky and it comes in a cup larger than many cafes out there. Nicely done art too.

Check out the pancakes! They were really fluffy and stuff.

Before we move on with the eggs benedict photo, here’s a random photo I took there lol

OK lets continue. Check out the hollandaise sauce! Basically the cafe felt very breezy as it is outdoor and was under a big tree. Food looked good and tasted awesome.

Too bad, they have closed down and have been waiting for them to re-open somewhere else. 🙁


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