MOLOME Plushie NFC Stephen Elop’s N9

Part 1: My Journey to Nokia Connection In Singapore
Part 2: First Meal At Marina Bay Sands + Generous Nokia
Part 3: My Room At Marina Bay Sands
Part 4: MBS Jump + Singapore Chicken Rice
Part 5: Hello Merlion, Ocean, Marcus!
Part 6: Breakfast & The Start Of Nokia Connection
Part 7: Meeting Stephen Elop, Nokia pOplank & The N9

…AAAAANNNNNNDDD We’re back to our regular programming… My trip down to Singapore for Nokia Connection.

At the N9 experience hall, there were developer booths as well and one of them is MOLOME!

MOLOME is like Instagram for Symbian phones.. since I talked with them via Twitter for some time before the trip, they said I could have a MOLOME plushie to bring home! yay.

Then of course there were other phones other than the N9… like this dual sim C2-03.

Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO then came and checked out the devices as well

Then I also played with the NFC pairing between the N9 and the speakers

Then it was time for us media to interview the big guys from Nokia.

After Nokia Connection.. we went to this place… why? where? how? who?




  1. FiSh

    nokia C2 looks great! looking forward to the continuation of this post ^^

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