More More Tea Jump


… is up

… header is up

… rocket header is up

New! May Rocket Header is Up!!!

After archery, we walked around the area and landed at the ever so famous tourist spot…. the More More Tea house, as seen in one of the HongKong movie acted by Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren.

We came so far… how can I not take a photo with femes signboard leh.. lol

and a group shot ahahah see the love thingy on the ground, we took it off the wall of the house.

the guys

the girls

and the smashpOp jump…. the informal way

hehe im speechless

and then we left the moremoretea hut and went somewhere…

just when we were about to walk away, something happened.

we found something….

can anyone guess?


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