Motorola, Firefox, Buddies & Winning Gadgets

Pt. 1: The Journey From Kuala Lumpur To Istanbul
Pt. 2: Arriving at La Mola Hotel, Barcelona
Pt. 3: A look around La Mola, Mushroom & Squid
Pt. 4: Collecting Our MWC Tag At Fira Barcelona!
Pt. 5: TapaTapa Tech Bloggers Lunch!
Pt. 6: Walking Down Passieg de Gracia
Pt. 7: Sagrada Familia JUMP!
Pt. 8: The End Of Day 2 In Barcelona
Pt. 9: Barcelona Day 3: Hello Mobile World Congress!
Pt. 10: Touching Gadgets & Meeting Blogger Friends At MWC
Pt. 11: Lunch, Sony & Samsung @ Mobile World Congress
Pt. 12: Windows Phone Party At El Molino, Barcelona
Pt. 13: Barcelona Day 4: Breakfast & Park Guell
Pt. 14: I Met The Mosaic Dragon!
Pt. 15: Barcelona Plank!
Pt. 16: Barcelona Day 4: Dinner & Moonlight Networking!
Pt. 17: Eating Ice Cream Sandwich In AndroidLand!

More photos from Mobile World Congress!

After giving out Ice Cream Sandwiches, the guys at the Android bar were serving fresh fruit juices too! Awesome

Bumped into Sam, Olly and James there

As we were leaving the Android land, Trent posed with the robot

We continued our walk around and here’s Motorola

We found Firefox! Managed to talk to the guys from Firefox and they were a friendly bunch of people

When we went back to the Nokia area, they were having some game and I won this!

Bumped into old buddy Ribot outside as we were going for dinner.



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