MTV #VMA: Top 5 Memorable Moments

Alright! I assume everyone has watched the Video Music Awards? I was in Singapore for the LIVE Screening and we sure had a great time seeing some unexpectable scenes and performances on the show.
So here are the top 5 most memorable moments to me.

Number 5

Seeing Katy Perry using a fan’s phone to take a selfie of her and the fan. So wish I was that fan… Katy Perry ROCKS!

Number 4

Lady Gaga’s performance of the song Applause. Though not as crazy as before, but her change of attire does mean something. She was trying to show the transition of her from Poker Face the current style in her latest video.

Number 3

N’Sync reunion! It was just as awesome as Spice Girls reunion back in.. the Olympics in London. They came on stage and did Bye Bye Bye… but it was too short.

Number 2

Justin Timberlake’s 15-minute performance was EPIC! He did all of his previous songs before ending up with receiving his award. Everyone went crazy. Haha

Number 1

The most horrifying performance by Miley Cyrus. But hey, with 300,000 tweets per minute talking about her, she could’ve just been the winner of the show by stealing everyone’s limelight. Way to go, Hannah Montana.

Gotta thank MTV Asia for flying us down to Singapore! Can’t wait for the next one! 😀


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