MTV WorldStage! Wondergirls, KatyPerry & Tokio Hotel + pOpvid #3

So back in July the MTV World Stage took place in Malaysia and I was at the press conference! I rushed all the way to Sunway from the Honda Freed event and was a little late but still managed to get quite a good spot to take some photos.

When I arrived, Wondergirls were already ending their q&a session.. sad!

Then Tokio Hotel took on the stage.

If I’m not mistaken, many ppl are crazy for this guy.. ARE YOU?

Then the crowd/media went crazy when Katy Perry went on stage … wOOOHOO!!

She handled the questions by Utt very nicely and some of her replies were quite humorous. lol

How often do you see Wondergirls and Katy Perry in the same photo?

Managed to catch up with Dj Utt after the press con. WADDUP UTT!

OK more photos tomorrow!



  1. JLean

    Nice one there Jason. =)

  2. EVo

    Utt looks like he’s wearing an iPad shirt..haha..!

  3. Albert Ng

    Can seriously imagine you making a shirt with an iPad on it and some caption like “pinch me to zoom” or “double tap to zoom”. 😀

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